Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Easy

The lake at the cottage is not open for winter fishing so the brothers Andrew and Kevin decide they need a mobile ice fishing shack they can haul into the middle of a frozen lake.

Project Steps

Step 3

To construct the Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack, here are some of the building materials and supplies we gathered:

• Old roadside sign

At our nearby metal scrapyard, we found a steel, aluminum and acrylic sign casing, formerly belonging to a car dealership.

• Lumber

2-by-4’s and sheets of plywood.

• Foam rubber diamond-plate flooring

Available in rolls or individual sheets at our nearest building supply or flooring supply retailer.

• Clear vinyl

Enough to wrap around the outside of our shack.

• Canvas

Enough to wrap around the outside of our shack.

• Velcro®

Otherwise known as hook-and-loop fasteners, we prefer the heavy-duty stuff with the adhesive backing.

• Two pairs of old skis

We found two identical pairs of skis at our local thrift store. 

• Rigid foam board insulation

2-inch thick, closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam, available at our nearest building supply store in the insulation section.

• Blankets

A moving blanket or an old heavy warm blanket.

• Terra cotta flower pots

For our homemade ceramic heaters.

• Tea lights

To provide heating and lighting.

• Wood log

For our Swedish/Finnish candle – 8 inches across in diameter or wider is ideal. The taller the log, the longer your burn time.

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