Time Required: 3 days
Difficulty: Easy

Brothers Andrew and Kevin set out to create the Ultimate Breakfast Bar: a homemade maple syrup evaporator for boiling down sap that, in true Brojects fashion, is more than meets the eye.

Project Steps

Step 1

When spring finally rears its head after the long winter, we’re excited not just because it means summer is around the corner, but because it’s also the time of the year that the sap from sugar maple trees begins to flow. Following a family tradition, this year, we decided to try our hand at making maple syrup.

First we’ll start by tapping the dozens of maple trees around the property with spiles and buckets to collect the sap. The collected sap is then boiled for many hours until it thickens into syrup. For that, we’re going to build a custom evaporator out of an old locker we found, raised up on futon legs. We’ll line the locker with fire bricks to create a large thermal mass to efficiently regulate the temperature. A removable chimney keeps the smoke away and three steel chafing pans hold the sap and create a wide surface area to help speed the evaporation.

But if we’re making syrup, why not make everything else that goes with maple syrup? So our evaporator doubles as a breakfast bar with the chafing pans replaced by barbeque grills and a griddle along with a bar top table for making and enjoying bacon, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs and toast with our delicious, freshly made maple syrup. We’re calling our newest creation the Ultimate Breakfast Bar.


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