The Webisodes

DIY Noodle Weapons

It’s all out war… noodle war.

Recycling Chute

Clean up easy with a HIDDEN Recycling Chute!

Rotating Fire Pit Grill

The guys build a rotating grill to cook food over the fire.

Broller Hockey

The guys build their own inline skates and play a game of hockey in a Timber Mart.

Vacuum Pitching Machine

The guys build a baseball pitching machine with a wet/dry vac.

Nesting Sawhorse Table

The guys build a series of nesting sawhorses that merge together into a table.

Win-Door Shutters

No more broken windows as the guys re-purpose an antique door as a window shutter.

Dryer Rack Goalie

The guys build a dryer rack that for their hockey gear that doubles as a goalie.

Drinko (or Clean The Sinko) Plinko

What better way to decide who cleans up?

Natural Wood Stains

The guys try making some natural woods stains, using everything from copper to coffee!

Indoor Archery Range

Throwing Knives and archery are dangerous, don’t try this at home.

Countertop Curling

Andrew and Kevin bring the game of curling to their countertop.

Catapult Bar Game

The guys build the ultimate bar game.

DIY Skeet Shooting

The guys use balloons as targets for skeet shooting.

Reciprocating Saw Martini Shaker

The guys build a hillbilly martini shaker out of a reciprocating saw.

Margarita Drill Blender

Kevin and Andrew use a drill and some mason jars so they can have portable margaritas.

2-by-4 Stilts

Kevin and Andrew put their heads together to build a pair of self raising stilts. It doesn’t go very well.


The guys decide to build a propeller into a paddle and power the whole thing with a cordless drill.

Magnetic Chess Board

Andrew modifies a chess board with magnets so Kevin can’t cheat.

Fishing Golf

The guys teach us how to go fish golfing up at the cottage.

Hubcap Clock

Determined to complete a project on time for once, the boys devise the perfect solution: a clock.

Toolbox Slide Guitar

The boys trick out a vintage Makita tool box into a 3-in-1 cottage survival kit.

Portable Washer Toss Game

The boys build a washer toss game that is portable and self-contained.

Fire Starting BB Gun Target

Kevin and Andrew build a spoon spinning, fire starting, BB Gun target.

Ice Croquet

After a spectacular sled crash, the boys decide to build and play a nice, relaxing game of croquet… especially adapted the frozen lake.

Hidden Disc Golf Table

To get their disc golf game going, Andrew and Kevin are building a disc golf basket that doubles as a beautiful industrial-style crokinole table.

Timber Tower

The boys have the perfect solution for what to do with all their leftover off-cuts… a wooden block building game called “Timber!”

Floating Hot Pods

Andrew dreams up the Floating Hot Pod as an alternative to their heavy and cumbersome Amphibious Hot Tub.

Hockey Crokinole

The brothers create a new version of crokinole inspired by their favorite sport: hockey.

Ice Golf

The boys lay out a golf course on their snow-covered property and conceive some innovative ice golfing gear.

Aisle Curling


The boys are let loose in a local TIMBER MART store and the brothers make “land” curling stones.

Beer Bottle Wine Glasses


The brothers build a bottle cutter from off-the-shelf parts. With it, they cut some bottles and turn them into stemware.

Snowball Slingshot

Kevin builds a snowball slingshot, Andrew makes a snowball thrower and they have have the Ultimate Snowball fight.

30-Minute Truck Rack


The clock is ticking as the brothers must work together to devise and build an impromptu truck rack in only 30 minutes.

Table Tennis Workbench


The boys take the mantra “work hard, play hard” to a whole other level by building a work bench that converts to a table tennis table.

Bro And Arrow


The boys aim to take DIY to a new extreme when they compete to build the best bow from materials found in their garage workshop

Mobile Beer Cart


The brothers build a portable bar with draft beer on tap that’s mounted on to wheels so that it can be taken out to far away locations.

Curling Rocks

The brothers build their own custom curling stones and host a bonspiel on the lake.