Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Easy

The brothers decide to build the Ultimate Hockey Rink to keep the masses entertained. Complete with rink side food and bevies, a lawnmower-turned-ice resurfacer, and their very own trophy: the Manly Cup.

Project Steps

Step 3

The key to any hockey rink is the ice. We’re four months into one of the coldest winters we’ve seen in a while. The lake’s frozen and, by our measurements, more than solid enough to accommodate a team of burly hockey players.

We began by measuring out a 60′ x 30′ space for our hockey rink. We wanted it small enough to create a fun, fast-paced game for our group of non-pros but large enough to still have breakaways.

After clearing off the snow, we then scraped any remaining soft ice off the surface. Next, we flooded the ice with water. We tried filling a pot of water — which unfortunately was way too small. We then attempted to make it more efficient with an electric sump pump and a tub of water — which unfortunately was way too dangerous.


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