Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Expert

After the cottage gets double booked for the weekend, brothers Andrew and Kevin decide to make a mini-cottage on wheels. With its a flip-up awnings, pullout counters, portholes and portable combination table/heater/table, the Mobile Mini Cottage is anything but typical. It's the perfect summer addition!

Project Steps

Step 1

Sometimes we forget that this is a family cottage and once in a while, there are others who may want to use it. This weekend, our parents have put their foot down and given us the boot – they want to use the cottage to entertain their friends, so we’re out of luck. But then, we thought if we can’t go to the cottage, we’ll bring the cottage to us… we’ll build a Mobile Mini Cottage that we can take wherever we want.

This won’t be any old camper though. We’re going to take the core essentials of the cottage and package it all together onto a trailer that we can tow. On top of a donor trailer bed, we made a stepped structure that sleeps two comfortably. Out one side, a large drawer opens up for easily accessible storage that also doubles as a countertop. We clad the exterior with corrugated metal sheeting and pine planks to give it a rustic yet modern aesthetic. With finishing touches like a dutch door, porthole window and a flip-up side panel that opens up to an awning, we’ve put the cottage experience on wheels.


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