Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Easy

The brothers decide to build the Ultimate Hockey Rink to keep the masses entertained. Complete with rink side food and bevies, a lawnmower-turned-ice resurfacer, and their very own trophy: the Manly Cup.

Project Steps

Step 4

We turned our attention to the ZamBROni, the machine that would smooth out our ice before the game and during intermissions. Beginning with an old riding lawnmower that wasn’t doing much during the winter, we bolted a metal rack onto the back that would hold a propane tank and heating element. Atop that was a large pot of water with a spigot attached. As the water boils, it will slowly drip from the spigot, down through a pipe that distributes the water onto a sheet of burlap draped onto the ice-surface. As the ZamBROni travels along, hot water is evenly spread behind it. The thin layer of hot water quickly melts away any imperfections on the ice surface before it quickly cools and re-freezes to form a new ice surface.

After the ZamBROni’s last resurfacing mission, we’ll use the same pot and propane heating element to boil lobsters for an awesome post-game dinner.


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