Time Required: A Long Weekend (Three days)
Difficulty: Moderate to Expert

Have you ever dreamed of a shower with a view of the lake and an open roof to see the stars? Then here it is! The ultimate destination shower where you can both relax and wash off a hard day’s work.


Project Steps

Step 4

The first thing we’ll need is a good location. Ideally we want somewhere with a view that’s isolated — to reduce the risk of being walked in on by other humans — but not too deep into the woods – to reduce the risk of being walked in on by bears. We chose the edge of an embankment with a towering view of the lake.

Once we settled on the area, we cleared an 8’ by 8’ area big enough for a platform for our Ultimate Outdoor Shower. To ensure a solid footing, we prepared the surface by first tamping down the ground, then laying down gravel and finally leveling, placing heavy concrete deck blocks on each of the four corners.


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