Time Required: A Long Weekend (Three days)
Difficulty: Moderate to Expert

Have you ever dreamed of a shower with a view of the lake and an open roof to see the stars? Then here it is! The ultimate destination shower where you can both relax and wash off a hard day’s work.


Project Steps

Step 3

To build the Ultimate Outdoor Shower, we’ll need the following supplies and materials:

• Dimensional cedar lumber

2-by-6’s and 2-by-8’s for the framing, joists, and top cross-pieces. 6-by-6’s for the corner uprights.

• Deck blocks

Concrete deck blocks that will accept 6-by-6 lumber.

• Plenty of fasteners

A large selection of weather-resistant screws, nails, lag bolts, and hex bolts are a must in any cottage building project.

• Propane tankless water heater

We chose a propane-heated unit capable of delivering over 2.5 gallons per minute of 80-165 degree F hot water.

• Rain showerhead

There are plenty of store-bought options here but we chose to build our own from an old tea-kettle.

• Freestanding bathtub

We had an antique cast iron clawfoot bathtub lying about that was perfect for this. If you’re going the economical route, you can often find these for cheap (or free) on your local web classified ads such as Craigslist.

• Inline utility pump

Look for a portable 12V self-priming unit for ease of use and off-the-grid capability.

• Car/Marine battery

Juice for powering our inline utility pump.

• Large plastic barrel

You still have one of these leftover from ‎your Ultimate Swim Raft build, right?

• Garden hose

Enough to get you from the lake to your pump and barrel setup.

• Plumbing bits and pieces

Fittings, connectors, hoses, and pipe to connect all your key plumbing components together.

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