Andrew and Kevin are turning a century-old lodge into the ultimate escape destination. Check out our interactive 3D plans to see how they built their one-of-a-kind ‘brojects’.

The Ultimate Projects Guide

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The Bar

To get their creative juices flowing for all of the construction projects that lie ahead, Brothers Andrew and Kevin are first going to need a proper bar.

Sleeping Pods


After a night of tossing and turning, brothers Andrew and Kevin decide that it’s about time to add beds to their recently purchased lodge hall. 

BBQ Table

Brothers Andrew and Kevin are secretly building their new neighbours the ultimate backyard BBQ table and have invited the whole town to its unveiling.

Halfpipe Living Room

Andrew and Kevin are going all-out on a triple-purpose project that converts from a skateboard halfpipe to a window-saving floor hockey arena to finally, a refined living room for recovering from those inevitable injuries.

Outhouse In The House

Andrew and Kevin are building a woods-themed bathroom that recreates a serene forest setting for when they really gotta go, because when nature calls, there’s no better place to be than in nature itself!

Sports Lounge

Kevin and Andrew look to throw the perfect party for the big game with a stadium-inspired setting that delivers all the fun and excitement of cheering on the home team in the comfort of their very own home.

Dining Pool Table

With friends and family on their way and a whole dining room needing to be assembled, Kevin and Andrew are behind the 8-ball in more ways than one in trying to turn their new pool table in a much-needed dining table.

Theatre Batting Cage

Andrew and Kevin are aiming to knock one out of the park with a home theatre that doubles as a interactive batting cage, that satisfies both their passion for big screen flicks and also the grand old game.

Hot Tub Ski Chalet

Andrew and Kevin are looking to bring all of luxuries of a destination ski resort under the snow-covered roof of their new spacious abode.

House Beach

Kevin and Andrew are looking to escape the winter blahs but since they can’t come to the beach, the beach is coming to them.

Coffee Bar

Andrew and Kevin are looking to generate some real buzz when they convert a corner of their lodge hall’s dark and dingy basement into a hip new Coffee Bar.


It’s finally time for Kevin and Andrew to freshen up so they’re letting the ideas flow and pouring their efforts into building a ultimate shower that is sure to make a splash.

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