Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Moderate

Andrew and Kevin are looking to bring all of luxuries of a destination ski resort under the snow-covered roof of their new spacious abode.

Project Steps

Step 1

This weekend, we’re creating a cozy winter-themed retreat with our hot tub ski chalet. We’ll start by insetting our portable hot tub into a hole in the base of our old skateboard half-pipe. A circular tabletop lid made from a series of 1-by-4 strips stained a variety of colours, atop a shroud of curved plywood, will hide the hot tub within a stylish oversized coffee table. We’ll use the hot tub’s original inflatable lid along with some styrofoam billets to give the table top a floating, lazy-susan effect, so that we can easily pass around our hot chocolate cocktails and comfort food fondue before popping the lid to reveal the surprise of our hot tub centrepiece. Plush daybeds built into the hills of our old halfpipe will combine with our wood-mantled fireplace, ski tip chandelier and snowshoe wall sconces to complete a soothing after-ski experience — the perfect place to relax and reminisce after a great day on the slopes.


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