Time Required: One day
Difficulty: Moderate

Andrew and Kevin are aiming to knock one out of the park with a home theatre that doubles as a interactive batting cage, that satisfies both their passion for big screen flicks and also the grand old game.

Project Steps

Step 1

For this dual-purpose project, we’ll hang a projector screen from the ceiling and a retractable movie screen from the stage. Flanking our screen will be two custom marquee posters backlit with LED strip lights. To our classic theatre seats, we’ll add some new features like a flip seat popcorn maker and a date/drink holder. The theatre space transforms to become a batting cage complete with a pitching machine built from an old treadmill. The ball feeder will be synced up to a looped pitching video of one of us on the mound, giving the illusion of a real baseball batting experience. This dual purpose project will give us yet another way to play and relax in the house.


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