Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Moderate

Andrew and Kevin are looking to generate some real buzz when they convert a corner of their lodge hall’s dark and dingy basement into a hip new Coffee Bar.

Project Steps

Step 1

To really get this coffee bar roasting, we’re gonna demolish the basement decor and ceiling and expose the natural wood beams. We’ll build a new wall to separate the coffee shop and cover it in a custom burlap backdrop while also painting the adjacent wall in chalkboard paint. We’re gonna line these walls with a chic new countertop, complete with a sink, and inset with an epoxy coffee bean surface while also incorporating our old beer cart for some nostalgia. Some new lighting fixtures in the ceiling will provide light for our bistro-style seating up front, and our pallet-clad coffee making area with mini-fridge in the back. Some cold brew coffee, coffee beer, and Walker’s chem-lab drip coffee will provide enough taste to satisfy any coffee drinker. We’ll finish it off with some decorative accents like a repurposed bike frame, a nice rug, and a comfy couch to make sure this coffee bar really hits the spot.


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