Time Required: A Weekend
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Food, fun, and fire come together in this ultimate cottage project. From firewood chopping chairs to log loveseats, set your imagination ablaze with the Ultimate Fire Pit!

Project Steps

Step 3

The Chop Chair takes everything you need to build and tend a fire and puts it into a chair. We started with a tree stump used for chopping wood as our base. Around the top of that, we put an old tire that we cleaned up and painted, to act as a collar for holding firewood steady as you chop it. You can fill the tire with your wood pieces, chop them all up and they don’t go flying everywhere. This chair will also include storage for our fire-starting kit. Lastly, built right into the seat will be a bellows made from an old raincoat to really get that fire going. This allows one to bounce up and down, pushing the bellows and blasting some air the fire.


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