Time Required: A Weekend
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Food, fun, and fire come together in this ultimate cottage project. From firewood chopping chairs to log loveseats, set your imagination ablaze with the Ultimate Fire Pit!

Project Steps

Step 4


For the ladies, we made a rustic loveseat made from birch logs that we’re calling the S’more Wine chair. It derives its name from the fact that it incorporates storage for bottles of wine and everything you need to make a marshmallow-chocolate-and-graham-cracker S’more. We used wind-fallen trees from the property for our logs, and, taking a page from traditional woodworking, employed mortise-and-tenon joints to hold them together. We drilled holes into the sides on an angle, into which wine bottles can be inserted horizontally. Steel wire was fashioned into wine-glass holders and clips on the back were attached for holding S’more roasting sticks.


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