Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Expert

The chilly weather at their lakeside cottage property has brothers Andrew and Kevin opening their minds and their pores to the ceremony of sweat that is the sauna. But knowing the bros, it’s not just going to be any old sauna – not when Andrew insists that the key to a truly amazing sauna is the ability to jump from the heat directly into the cold lake. They conclude that the only sensible thing to do is to make a sauna with immediate access to the deepest, coldest parts of the lake – the Ultimate Floating Sauna.

Project Steps

Step 8

Before we could enjoy our creation, we needed an authentic vihta – which is basically a bundle of twigs that you whack yourself with when you’re in the sauna. It helps stimulate blood flow and promote circulation. We also built tiered bench seating that will allow us to experience different temperatures inside the sauna.

For the authentic hot/cold experience, the key was being able to jump in the lake right away. We made this easy by adding a trap door right underneath the seating. For good measure, we used a curtain rod and curtain to fashion a change room, and we put up some dowels to hang our towels on. Staying with the nautical theme for our seaborne sauna, we used dock cleats as robe hangers.


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