Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Expert

The chilly weather at their lakeside cottage property has brothers Andrew and Kevin opening their minds and their pores to the ceremony of sweat that is the sauna. But knowing the bros, it’s not just going to be any old sauna – not when Andrew insists that the key to a truly amazing sauna is the ability to jump from the heat directly into the cold lake. They conclude that the only sensible thing to do is to make a sauna with immediate access to the deepest, coldest parts of the lake – the Ultimate Floating Sauna.

Project Steps

Step 5

We next focused on the ‘heat generating’ component of the sauna. The key there was finding the right stones. Thanks to Walker, we learned not to grab just any old rocks. Most rocks can carry water and when heated, the resulting steam can result in violent explosions!  Walker brought us the good stuff — igneous monzonite. So all we needed to do was find a way to secure them to the stove. We left that up to Walker too, who welded a couple of tabs on the stove to hold the rocks in place. Falling rocks can be a huge fire hazard, so thankfully the stove passed the ol’ Kevin kicking test!


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