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Old man winter has returned to the cottage and brothers Andrew and Kevin are hot on his heels for a weekend of frigid fun. Harkening back to yesteryear, the bros land on their weekend project: a toboggan designed to recapture some of their youth --but tricked out with adult amenities, including an ingenious contraption to take all the hard work out of getting rider and sled back up the hill. But as they soon find out, going up the hill in the Ultimate Toboggan isn't going to be the problem... it's coming back down in one piece!

Project Steps

Step 4

Winter is back (at least in this episode) and planning the build is as critical as ever! With a storm on the way, it looked like we were going to have to hunker down at the cottage for the weekend. We made sure to stock up on beer anticipating a lazy weekend.  But with all the fresh snow on the ground, we decided to take our old toboggan out for a test run. Turned out going down the hill was still lots of fun — the problem was walking back up. When you’re kids its no problem. But, as adults… no thanks. That’s when we came up with the goofy idea of a sled/chair-lift that automatically brings you back up the hill.


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