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Old man winter has returned to the cottage and brothers Andrew and Kevin are hot on his heels for a weekend of frigid fun. Harkening back to yesteryear, the bros land on their weekend project: a toboggan designed to recapture some of their youth --but tricked out with adult amenities, including an ingenious contraption to take all the hard work out of getting rider and sled back up the hill. But as they soon find out, going up the hill in the Ultimate Toboggan isn't going to be the problem... it's coming back down in one piece!

Project Steps

Step 5

As with past brojects, the brainstorming stage is a great place to start. We sat around and discussed how we were going to pull the sled back up the hill… but ultimately decided we needed some pro advice from Walker. He suggested we used a rope with a capstone winch powered by a chainsaw motor. It was going to be slow, but it would get the job done. For the sled, we took stock of what we had around the cottage and found two old car seats, a couple of old skis, and a cargo carrier. Time to get building!


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