Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Moderate

With Kevin's loud snoring nearly driving his brother Andrew to silence him for good, the boys decide that perhaps it's finally time to try out some alternative sleeping arrangements up at their lakeside cottage property. It's the middle of winter and the boys dream up a scheme for a retreat from the retreat -- an igloo on the lake comprised of all the amenities of a luxury boutique hotel. Get ready for the ultimate weekend getaway and check yourself in to the Ultimate Ice Hotel.

Project Steps

Step 4

The boys were coming down for the weekend and with Kevin’s snoring situation out of control, we decided to build an ice hotel outside. We were given some extra large balloons so we decided to use them to create the form of the igloo. The idea was to inflate the oversized balloons, spray a thin coat of water onto the outside of the balloon with a pressure washer and allow the water to freeze into successive thin layers of ice. We were hoping to form a thick crust of ice around the balloon, whereupon we would pop the balloon and cut out an opening — an instant “inflatable” igloo. Problem was the pump to our first pressure washer was frozen, so we tried a second pressure washer… that also didn’t work. Moving on, we opted for a more primitive technique and tried simply pouring water from jugs onto it. Swing and a miss… strike three. After all of that, we were going to have to build an igloo the old-fashioned way.


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