Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Moderate

With Kevin's loud snoring nearly driving his brother Andrew to silence him for good, the boys decide that perhaps it's finally time to try out some alternative sleeping arrangements up at their lakeside cottage property. It's the middle of winter and the boys dream up a scheme for a retreat from the retreat -- an igloo on the lake comprised of all the amenities of a luxury boutique hotel. Get ready for the ultimate weekend getaway and check yourself in to the Ultimate Ice Hotel.

Project Steps

Step 1

This weekend, we’re building the Ultimate Ice Hotel, a chilled-out resort on the frozen lake. Our original plan was to freeze over a giant balloon to create the structure for our domed hideaway. Inside, we’ll stay comfortable with a plush bed, rustic fur blankets, and colored ice block windows. A friendly inukshuk will welcome guests to our beautiful ice bar with fitted slots for ice wine and shotglasses. From there, they can skate onto the rink for a fast-paced game of snow tennis or play a game of ice hockey pool on our custom table featuring cut down hockey sticks and pucks on a real sheet of ice. Finally, they can relax at the heart of our sub-zero resort: a log firepit where we’ll be cooking up sausage skewers and serving delicious mulled wine. It’s everything you could want for the perfect weekend winter getaway.


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