Brojects Guide to Winning at Poker

In this week’s episode, brothers Kevin and Andrew, along with their engineer pal Walker, are going all-in and turning their quaint family retreat into The Cottage Casino. Fearing a gambling den would never pass the “Mom test”, the boys are … Continued

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cottage Trees


Aside from making things out of trees, we can make things from trees. In Brojects Episode #12, The Ultimate Breakfast Bar, Andrew and Kevin realize they could have been tapping the property’s maple trees for syrup ages ago. Don’t make … Continued

8 Cottage Must Haves


Once you have a cottage, you still have a way to go before it becomes the ultimate destination. Here are 8 cottage must haves. 1. Pizza Oven or BBQ. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but one of the best things … Continued

A Short History Of The Adirondack Chair


In Episode 2 of Brojects, the brothers come up with one of their wackiest inventions yet, a deck chair on water-skis. True to cottage tradition, the chair part of the project is modelled after the ubiquitous Adirondack Chair, also known as … Continued

A Short History Of The Cottage


Cottages aren’t uniquely Canadian, but they do hold a special place in our national identity. Like hockey and poutine, it’s uniquely Canadian to “spend the long weekend at the lake.” How did we get here? Here’s a short history of … Continued

5 Ways To Say The Word Cottage


Even though cottaging is an important part of Canadian culture, it’s not exclusive to the Great White North. Cottages first appeared in England, and came to Canada with industrialized travel.  Since then the concept of ‘the cottage’ has spread around … Continued