Brojects Guide to Winning at Poker

In this week’s episode, brothers Kevin and Andrew, along with their engineer pal Walker, are going all-in and turning their quaint family retreat into The Cottage Casino. Fearing a gambling den would never pass the “Mom test”, the boys are … Continued

Shipping Container Homes We Love

Necessity is the brother of all invention and there’s nothing that Andrew and Kevin need more than a workshop up at the cottage. But with an order from the parents to keep it discreet and unobtrusive, the boys have some … Continued

The Greatest Bros In Bowling History

Season 2 of Brojects is back starting March 26th at 9 pm (ET/PT) on Cottage Life. In episode one, brothers Kevin and Andrew need to replace the dock at the family cottage with something that’s more sturdy and can extend further out … Continued

6 Ways To Boost Your Energy


  Kevin and Andrew set very tight schedules for themselves on Brojects with a lot of projects completed over three to four days.  When they decide to build the Mobile Mini Cottage (Season 1, Episode #13), they end up burning the … Continued

8 Cottage Must Haves


Once you have a cottage, you still have a way to go before it becomes the ultimate destination. Here are 8 cottage must haves. 1. Pizza Oven or BBQ. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but one of the best things … Continued