Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Moderate

It’s party time! Follow the steps to discover how Andrew and Kevin turn a potbelly charcoal barbeque, an old oil drum and discarded organ pedals into the Ultimate Pizza Oven.

Project Steps

Step 3

Now that you’ve got the idea, here’s a shopping list to get you started:

• Kettle-style charcoal barbecue

More on this here.

• Stainless steel sheet

304 Grade, with a thickness of between 18 to 20 gauge. This is commonly available in the metal section of your local hardware store or at specialty metal supply shops.

• Heat shield

Fire-resistant material that will act as a protective buffer between your 900°F barbeque and the wood surrounding it. More on this here.

Cedar lumber

Standard sizes of dimensional cedar lumber including 4-by-4’s, 2-by-4’s, 2-by-6’s and 5/4 planks.

Pizza stone

Also known as baking stones, these ceramic or stone discs are readily available at your favorite kitchen supply store.

• Plenty of fasteners

A large selection of weather-resistant screws, nails, lag bolts, and hex bolts are a must in any cottage building project.

But of course, to take your build to the next level and make this the Ultimate Pizza Oven, you’ll also need:

• Pneumatic caster wheels

10″ to 12″ in diameter. These are ideal for off-roading your Ultimate Pizza Oven on uneven terrain.

• Threaded rod and pipe

These will make up the axle of the wheel assembly.

• Hardwood lumber

For building those extras such as your dough-rolling board and ingredients box. It may depend on what is available in your area or what you have on hand, but oak, maple and walnut are fantastic choices.

• Knife magnet

These can be found at your favourite kitchen supply store but are sometimes also found in hardware stores as tool magnets. Individual rare earth magnets are a good alternative.

• Small storage containers

Containers made of stainless steel, ceramic and glass are non-reactive to high-acid foods, making them ideal for storing pizza essentials such as tomato sauce.

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