Time Required: Two Days
Difficulty: Easy

While growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. Kevin and Andrew build the Ultimate Playground, complete with a teeter-totter, a zipline, a slackline, — and a man-sized version of a baby bouncer! Listen to your wife and lay out a plan to build a playground for the kids because something’s got to get them away from the TV and their iDevices.

Project Steps

Step 9

Our initial plan to attach our bouncer onto a line strung between two trees didn’t quite work out as expected. So we attached it instead to a much taller tree attaching via a cable thrown through a high branch and into a winch bolted to the base of the tree. Mission accomplished… as long as the branch holds. While we had a lot of fun on it, on second thought, the kids will probably not be allowed on this one either. So far, we are O for 4 on child-friendly builds but 4 for 4 on fun adult play activities!


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