Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Easy

Never again will brothers Andrew and Kevin find themselves at the perfect remote fishing spot without a boat to sail on. This weekend, they’re creating the ultimate all-in-one-camper-plus-boat solution by converting the truck cap on the back of their pickup into a boat. The boys better hope, though, that their wacky “bro-at” idea holds water, or else they’ll be swimming with the fishes, instead of catching them.

Project Steps

Step 3

To make the The Ultimate Fishing Boat, you’ll need the following materials, most of which are available from your nearest building supplies or hardware store:

• A truck cap for a half-ton truck (new or used)

• Sealant/caulking

• Lumber to make the boat seating and camper pull-out shelf

We suggest you use the lumber calculator included with the Brojects App (free for iPhone and iPad).

• Trolling motor

This is the same motor that we used for the swim raft and floating hot tub.

• Patio umbrella

You’ll need some shade when you’re out on the water all day plus it doubles as a sail!

• Fish finder (optional)

• Coolers

For keeping your “bait” cold and frosty!


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