Snowball Slingshot

There are some definite advantages to living in Canada. And there are some definite advantages about winter (even if it does hang around for too long). One of them is snowballs. If you’re a kid at heart like Andrew and Kevin, then it’s game on! Apply a little bit of engineering knowledge to your snowball fights and build yourself a snowball slingshot.

There are lots of winter activities that are close to a Canadian’s heart. Tobogganing, snowshoeing, skiing downhill or cross-country, skating, ice fishing, you name it. But two words can bring all those other activities to a stop: “snowball fight!”

A slingshot has one advantage and one disadvantage over doing it the old fashioned way and slinging your snowballs by hand. The advantage is velocity. The disadvantage is mobility.

Andrew chooses to make his snowball slingshot mobile. As you can see, it’s a lot more complicated. He definitely has to sacrifice on velocity, but he can go anywhere.

Kevin goes the opposite route, and makes his snowball slingshot stationary. He might seem like a sitting duck, but he can really pull back and put some heat on that snowball. Kevin can also stockpile more ammunition while Andrew is looking for a better angle.

The best part about a snowball slingshot is that you can typically put one together will items you have laying around the garage or house. Once you have the cradle, something elastic, and something to fix it to, you’re all set.

Make sure to enjoy the snow before it melts!

Game on!