Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Moderate

Last year, Andrew and Kevin, together with their engineer pal Walker, set out to build a playground at their cottage property for the kids. But what they came up with was unsafe, unattractive, and ultimately unused. With pride on the line, they‘re determined to redeem themselves this time around -- or else face the scorn of their wives again -- by tackling the quintessential kids project: a tree fort.

Project Steps

Step 2

We gave ourselves the extra challenge of trying to build the kids fort using only hand-powered tools. But unless you want this project to take all summer, we suggest using power tools, and that requires protective gear and caution. Like most of us, Kevin and Andrew are just regular joes, learning as they go. They’re not pros and don’t know how to do everything. That’s why every building project includes extensive research and asking others for help when needed. If something about this build has you stumped, don’t hesitate to leave a question in our web forums for either Andrew or Kevin. To fire-up your inner child, we’ve curated an “Ultimate Kids’ Fort” board on the Brojects Pinterest page. You might want to have a look here first.

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