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    Hello all.
    So this is my Brojects inspired project:Pallet garden beds. I have pallets and really dig (no pun). The concept is based on raised bed gardening. It also won’t take up as much space and you can move them if need be. They are not messy either. It’s a really cheap DIY project.

    With spring finally here, I thought this weekend is THE weekend to start getting seedlings outside.

    First step to building your own….get some skids. If you don’t have any it’s cool but you might need to go on an adventure to get some!

    Once you have them, I started off by removing half of the boards from the top of the pallet which gave me several 10 inch wide rows with the remaining pallet boards in between each of them.

    step 1

    I lined the bottom with black landscaping fabric and use the boards I pulled off to provide extra support.

    step 2

    Here’s a photo of the pallet garden bed in place. I used some extra pallets underneath to raise it off the ground.

    step 3

    Next, mixed together several bags of black earth and mushroom compost in a 1:1 ratio and filled in the pallets making extra effort to spread it underneath the boards as well.

    step 4a
    step 4b
    step 4c

    Last step. Plant! I let the soil settle overnight and started again in the morning. I’m going to start with some kale and arugula since they’ll do well in these shallow beds. I want to do tomatoes as well so I may try to find another pallet and create a deeper bed on one side. Stay tooned!

    step 5

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    I wanted to give everybody an update to our DIY pallet garden. We ended up taking apart another pallet to use to create an deeper bed from veggies like tomatoes, zuccinnis & squash. We used the boards that we pulled off this pallet to dress the front of whole garden to really tie the look togeteher. Waste not, want not, right?

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    Palletable food. love it!


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