Washer Toss Game


Darren O, the organizer of the World Washer Toss Championships in New Brunswick wrote in and wants us to create our own spin on the classic game! Well Darren, we’d be honoured. It’s not everyday a world-class competition reaches out!

Like all our other bro-ventions, we began by spitballing some ideas, and in this case it was how to improve the washer toss experience. We all agreed that the worst part of the game is having to bend over for your washers. So a “picker upper” would be great little device and easy enough to make using magnets.


The first order of business were the boxes. We started out by cutting some old tongue and groove boards we had kicking around the workshop to make two boxes, each with 12″ x 12″ internal dimensions. We glued and screwed the joints to fashion the bottom and the sides.


For our picker-upper, we found a collapsable walking stick and attached a magnet to the end of it.  We build a new broject every month, so bending down during our recreation time is to be avoided wherever possible! And along those lines, what would a washer toss game be without the booze, right? So for good measure, we fashioned a tiny flask at the other end of the stick … just in case things get too intense and you need to calm your nerves. This way you can also take a shot, before you take your shot!


For the centre ring of the washer toss game, we decided to use empty paint cans and fastened one each to the bottom board of our boxes.


Lastly, we pulled out our trusty Brojects App to measure out the standard W.W.T.C. (that’s World Washer Toss Championships, in case you’re just joining us) regulation tossing distance and cut a length of rope to just a little over that length. By tying an end of the rope to each box, laying out the boxes to the correct distance is as easy as walking out one box until the rope is taut.


After a competitive game, it was time to wrap things up. So please don’t be alarmed or call the cops Darren O when you find this package sitting on your doorstep — it’s from us with gratitude. We appreciate your suggestion!