Ultimate Cottage DIY Workout


You might think cottage living is all about drinking beers on the dock, BBQ’ing steaks and roasting marshmallows by the fire. Well you’re right… but that’s no excuse not to find time for a quick DIY workout. In the latest Brojects episode, Andrew and Kevin make a resolution to live healthier, more active lifestyles. To achieve their goal, they decide to build the Ultimate Outdoor Gym and a set of one-of-a-kind rustic fitness gear. For those of you who are less ambitious, there are lots of ways to have a total body workout up at the cottage. Here are our top five suggestions:

1. Wood Chop:  It doesn’t get any more manly than splitting firewood. So pull out that flannel shirt, grow your man beard, and get ready to burn between 400 and 500 calories an hour! Similar to Kevin and Andrew’s DIY rowing machine, chopping trees offers up a great core and cardio workout. For added intensity, challenge a fellow bro, to a chop off!


2. Keg Lift:  Remember all the fun you had back at college with kegs? Of course you don’t. But, if you’re looking to try and relive your glory days over a long weekend, try to get a workout in before you tap that beer keg. In this episode, Andrew and Kevin (with help from Walker), attach a keg to the end of a pulley system as a weight for their pull-up bar. You can do something similar by using your full keg for the clean and press, distance carry, or doing loading exercises. After you’ve finished, congratulate yourself on a great workout and empty the keg… the best way you know how!


3. DIY Plyometric Box: Build your own box with a sheet of plywood cut into six pieces, some glue and screws. If you need help measuring how much wood you need, we suggest you use the lumber calculator included with the Brojects App (free for iPhone and iPad). Your new plyometric box can be used for box jumps, dips, step-ups, and box squats.


4. Take A Hike:  Bros who work together can get on each other’s nerves. It can even get to the point where someone needs to ‘take a hike’ to regroup. This is the perfect opportunity for a walk. In fact, taking a hike with your family in cottage country is a great way to take in some fresh air, burn some calories, and improve your cardio health.


5. Swimming: When scoping out their property for the best place to build their Ultimate Outdoor Gym, Kevin and Andrew knew it needed to be a stone throws away from water. After all, you can’t beat a dip in the pond after a good workout. But fact is, swimming is one of the best exercise you can do. And although we might not be able to swim as well as Vladimir Putin, jumping in the lake to do some laps is great for the joints, muscle strength, and overall cardiovascular fitness.