Toolbox Guitar


This season, we’re bringing you more webisodes — this time suggested by the fans — and brought to you by Timber Mart.

Brojects fan,’Jihad Cabigas’ (we’re not making this up!) challenged us to make a guitar from scratch.

Wait, you want a guitar that only plays music? Are you kidding! That’s way too simple.

Why not a guitar that also doubles as a toolbox and holds a few pints of beer? In other words a ‘Beer Case Toolbox Guitar.’

In order to make this frankenstein of an instrument, we gathered a couple supplies from around the cottage: a Makita toolbox, an old toy guitar, an electric pick-up, a mini-amp, and perhaps the most important item of them all… beer. Our plan was to turn the top of the toolbox into the guitar, while the inside would store the amp, cables, tools and the beer.


First order of business was to strip the toy guitar for parts, while we also went to work cutting some foam to size in order to make compartments inside the box.

We next punched holes in the toolbox and attached the tuning pegs from the guitar. The layer of foam was added, providing custom-sized compartments for the amp, hammer, plugs and beer.

Once we put all our items inside the toolbox, it was time to attach the guitar strings, tune the ‘Toolbox Guitar’ and test the sound by running everything through the amp. Surprisingly, pretty cool!

Once thing we learned from this project… if this whole TV stardom thing doesn’t work out for Andrew, he always has a fallback career playing slide Toolbox Guitar.

Disclaimer: We won’t string you along. As with all our builds, safety comes first. Make sure that you’re wearing protective eyeglasses and other gear when working on any project.