It’s Not Jenga. It’s Giant Timber!


“BRO’s MAKE MORE GAMEZ! PUHLLEEEEZZE!” This was the desperate late night plea from YouTube user VENOSAUR after watching The Hockey Crokinole webisode from Season 1. Well VENOSAUR, if that is your real name… the boys heard you loud and clear and think it’s a pretty good idea.

As is often the case with a Brojects build, the boys agree to disagree (which usually results in a crazy but good idea).

This time round, Kevin wants to build a nice, relaxing game. He insists he’s not running, swimming, jumping or basically doing anything that requires him to put down his beer.

Andrew figures they can use the off-cuts left over from wood decking and make one of those games that fall down and go BOOM! You know one of those games that you stack up… where you take a block from the bottom and… what do you call that game?

We think you might be thinking of JENGA, but for the sake of copyright infringement, let’s call it TIMBER!!!

Long story, short. An idea is born!

TIMBER is a game of concentration and skill with each player trying NOT to topple the wood tower. Advantage is give to the player who can destabilize the tower without actually toppling it, leaving the hard decision of which critical piece to remove to the remaining (and usually) losing player.


At the start of the TIMBER game, the Bros seem to be enjoying themselves, and are all smiles as they remove block after block from the stack. But make no mistake, there is a fierce competitiveness inside each of them. They’re out for blood and determined to be crowned TIMBER Champion.

As the game moves on, it is clear the stress is getting to the Bros. But Kevin (having not done any of the work to make the stacking game) is feeling extra confident. So much so that he suggests placing a $5 bet on the outcome!

The tension is palpable! Does Andrew yank the crucial TIMBER piece out fast like a tablecloth under a dinner setting? Or nudge it out with careful precision? Watch the webisode to find out!

DISCLAIMER: Playing with large pieces of wood can sometimes result in injury (especially if you are the losing party).