Turning A Hardware Store Into An Indoor Curling Rink


Where can you go curling other than at a curling rink? Andrew and Kevin take over the aisle of the local Timber Mart and turn it into an indoor curling rink. Add a couple of brooms and some DIY curling rocks on wheels and you have a new game — ‘aisle curling’.

The game of curling — beloved as it may be — requires a rink, stones, brooms and shoes. It’s not a cheap game, and it’s definitely not something you can play all year round.

But what about a curling game that doesn’t need ice?

Aisle curling is something you can play indoors with a drink in hand. Plus you don’t have to worry about slipping, or having the right curling sweater.

Quirks aside, it works!

Just remember that these stones on wheels need a gentle touch, or they’ll go careening off the playing field.

You won’t be able to try this on your own unless you pull some favours. Or if you don’t mind getting banned from your local Timber Mart.

Alternatively, if you have a flat strip in the garage or the boathouse, you can be playing a game of aisle curling in no time.