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    How to post images

    Hi guys, some of you are asking how to put pictures in your posts. well, here’s how…

    1. Go to any free image hosting service (ie. http://photobucket.com/, http://imageshack.us/ http://tinypic.com/)
    3. Browse and upload your picture (remember to keep your images small. Maximum width must not exceed 550 pixels)
    4. Once hosted, share your picture by copying the IMG code link provided (ie.
    (img)http://i17.photobet.com/albums/…image.jpg(/img)[/b] and place it between the IMG codes. or you may also simply select the pic button (replace the ( ) with [ ] ).

    5. You may also share a picture from websites by copying its image location but be sure to credit or post the websites’ url.

    it’s that simple!

    please remember to keep attached pictures small since posting unnecessarily large pictures will ruin the layout of the site and slow down the loading of pages for other posters.

    Happy Posting!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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