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    “Netiquette” stands for “Internet Etiquette”, and refers to the set of practices developed over the years to make the Internet experience pleasant for everyone. Like other forms of etiquette, netiquette is primarily concerned with matters of courtesy in communications.

    Netiquette Basics:???:
    o Help the newbies
    o Research before asking
    o Remember emotion

    -Don’t use capitals unnecessarily – it designates shouting, and is considered rude
    -Satire and humour is particularly hard to transmit, and sometimes comes across as rude and contemptuous. Particularly avoid sarcasm, which rarely communicates well. Similarly, don’t over-react to email or postings you receive. What looks to you like an insulting or mean message may only be an absent minded and poor choice of phrasing, and not meant the way you perceived it. Be particularly polite when disagreeing with others. Wherever possible, acknowledge good points made, and then respectfully describe the areas where you disagree to produce the most productive conversation.
    o People aren’t organizations

    Netiquette Of Sending/Replying:
    o Be brief
    o Use descriptive subject lines
    o Stay on-topic

    -Never post off-topic messages, not related to the subject of the mailing list or newsgroup. This takes judgment, and you should ask yourself a basic question: is this posting likely to be of interest to this newsgroup or mailing list, or is there another forum that is more appropriate? You might get a better response by searching for a newsgroup or mailing list more directly applicable to your message. (Behave online as you would in a face-to-face meeting and dont reply just for the sake of replying. Short messages like ‘yeah’ ‘got it’ and variations of such. Keep in mind on what you could contribute on the topic whenever your posting 🙂 )
    o Avoid flaming!!! 😡
    -There is a problem with this brave new world in that a lot of people don’t appreciate there’s another human being at the other keyboard. Flaming is a real problem — especially in comp.misc. This is all a new facet of the technology as well. People rarely trade insults in real life like they do on Internet. There’s a tendency to stereotype your opponent into categories. I think this is because you’re not around to witness the results. Flaming is the act of sending someone an outrageously insulting message, whether by private email or in a public posting, usually because you disagree with something they have said. A good flame mixes a razor sharp wit with a devastating put-down so that the other person will only make themself look silly if they dare disagree — “The absurdity of your ideas is exceeded only by the incoherence of your remarks, beginning with…” flame can give the impression that you are unable to respond with more reasonable language, and can genuinely hurt the other person. In general, you should take a disagreement with another user off of a mailing list or news group, and into a civil and personal exchange by email between the two of you, letting others carry on with the discussion. Also, keep in mind the considerable limitations on accurate communication of emotion in a text medium.

    Need to read more? go to http://www.livinginternet.com/i/ia_nq.htm

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