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    Because people have asked, here are the basic rules for Brojects Hockey Crokinole”:

    – Each team has five “players” (screwdriver bits): 3 forwards and 2 defencemen.

    – Your two defencemen can be placed anywhere behind your blueline but not in the painted goal crease area.

    – Your forwards can be placed anywhere in the area between the center line and your blue line.

    – Before each turn, you can re-position any one player.

    – Each team alternates taking shots on goal by flicking pucks, one per turn. Pucks can be shot from anywhere on or behind your own blueline. Any pucks that have been in shot remain in play.

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    Some new house rules to Hockey crockinole…

    1. Like in 8-ball after a scratch, pucks must be shot in forward or semi-forward direction — no shooting backwards.

    2. Pucks cannot make direct contact with other pucks in play that are in your defensive zone (the area between your blueline and your end boards) — you can’t use your shot to clear away your opponents pucks from in front of your goal, for example. The exception is if your puck ricochets off your opponents endboards and comes all the way back.

    3. Overtime rules: if the game remains tied at the end of regulation, the game enters sudden-death overtime. All the pucks in play are removed and the game is reset. In OT, each team is only has four “skaters”: 2 forwards and 2 defencemen. First goal wins.

    4. Extended OT or Shootout:
    4a. Extended OT: Should the game remain tied at the end of the 1st OT, the pucks are again removed and reset and another player is removed from the board. Play continues in this manner until all players have been removed from the board.
    4b. Shootout: All skaters and pucks are removed. Players are allowed to place one goalie (drill bit) in the goal crease area. Players alternate shots. Most goals after five shots wins.

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    Is Crokinole like an east coast thing? I’ve never seen it here.

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    Me thinks its a Ontario thing. At least according to Wikipedia:

    The earliest known crokinole board was made by craftsman Eckhardt Wettlaufer in 1876 in Perth County, Ontario, Canada. Several other home-made boards of southwestern Ontario origin, and dating from the 1870s, have been discovered since the 1990s. It seems to have been patented on April 20, 1880, in New York City by Joshua K. Ingalls.

    And as we all know, the Internet is never wrong! :mrgreen:

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