The Floating Hot Pod

Season 2 of Brojects is here, which means another round of webisodes featuring more ingenious BROventions brought to you by Timber Mart! This year, Andrew and Kevin turned to social media and the Brojects‘ fans! to come up with ideas for their quirky and sometimes just plain strange mini-builds.

To kick things off, Andrew and Kevin look to tackle a problem raised by Jeanne Kruger about last season’s “Amphibious Hot Tub“. She writes, “What about an inflatable floating hot tub? It’s way lighter!”

Well, Jeanne Kruger… challenge accepted! Introducing the Floating Hot Pod!

Ok, it’s true. The Amphibious Hot Tub may have been a bit too cumbersome to get in and out of the lake. This time around, Andrew’s convinced he’s come up with the perfect solution.

“What if we built another one that’s just a tarp. We fill up the hot tub with water. Get it scorching hot. Drain it into the tarp and then you jump in!” (Ya, like right!)

Kevin’s not as convinced. He’s sure that if you squish the tarp down, cold water will come rushing in. Always one to use his noodle, Andrew suggests using pool noodles to create a perimeter to keep the water from spilling over. So after the boys finalize a game plan, they get to work.

Want to create your own Floating Hot Pod? Here’s the step-by-step guide:

1. Cover a ring of PVC with cylindrical pieces of polyethylene foam – otherwise known as pool noodles. This will give the Floating Hot Pod its structure.


2. Attach a tarp to the ring.  This will be used to hold your hot water. Note: Make sure to secure it well to the PVC. Like Kevin mentions, if it comes undone, you can get trapped underneath it! Uh’ anyone else think this plan is starting to sound a bit crazy?


3. Drain the hot water from the “real” hot tub into the Floating Hot Pod.


4. Jump in and enjoy.


DISCLAIMER: Wrapping oneself in a tarp in the middle of the lake isn’t the greatest of ideas, so like the episode, this step by step guide is for your viewing pleasure only. Best you stick to hot tubs on land.