Everything You Need To Know About Pizza Ovens

The brothers make an outdoor pizza oven this week on Brojects. Before you make one of your own, you’ll need to learn about the different types of pizza ovens and what they do. Here is the everything you need to know about pizza ovens.

1. When it comes to making fresh, artisanal pizza, making it properly means making it outdoors. That means you need a pizza oven. There are two basic kinds, the wood oven and the masonry oven.


2. There are two types of wood ovens, black ovens and white ovens. These aren’t made of wood, but rather use a wood fire to get their heat.


3. With a black oven, you put the fire in the chamber and cook your food in the same chamber while the fire is going. Or you can use the heat after the fire has been swept out.


4. With a white oven, the fire is in a separate chamber from the food. This is a much more complicated construction, but you don’t have to worry about getting any ash in your food.


5. The other type of pizza oven is a masonry oven, which is usually made of brick or stone, although sometimes you can find them made out of concrete.


6. The temperatures of a masonry oven can get extremely high, so materials need to be able to withstand the expansion and contraction that comes with that intense heat. Because these ovens are so good at retaining that heat, one fire can be used for a whole day to make pizza.


7. These days, most stone ovens are heated using natural gas or electricity. With the growth in popularity of the pizza oven, you can find all different makes — big or small.


8. Now that you have a pizza oven, you’ll need to practice your cooking skills.