The Coolest Boats In The World And One Of Them Is the ‘Bro-at’


Even since cavemen discovered that wood floats, man has had an unrelenting need to conquer the open water. From hollowed out logs to sailboats to nuclear powered super carriers, there have been some pretty cool boats built throughout history, with some equally cool names.  But can anything really compare to Andrew and Kevin’s “The Ale Aboard” or as we like to call it the “Bro-at”?  In this latest episode, the boys decide never again to find themselves at the perfect remote fishing spot without a boat to sail on. In true Brojects style, they convert the truck cap on the back of their pickup into a boat.  Practical, functional and one of the coolest boats in the world along with…

1. The HotTug: We could have easily thrown Season 1’s Amphibious Hot Tub on the list, but we felt its lack of mobility was holding it back. So instead we settled for The HotTug, a six to eight-person hot tub that doubles as a boat. Normally, you need to be on a cruise ship or a mega-yacht to be taking a soak on a boat, but this tug has a wood-fired stove to keep the water toasty warm as you motor around powered by a built-in electric motor or a conventional outboard.


2. The Flying Yacht: Question. When it comes to pioneering brothers, who has had the greater impact on our lives? Kevin and Andrew with all of their broventions or the Wright Brothers? Well, French designer Yelken Octuri seems to think it was the latter and took a page out of their book to create this transforming yacht!


3. The Guitar Boat: In 2009, singer-songwriter Josh Pyke took a voyage on board the SS Maton, a guitar shaped boat named after Australian guitar manufacturer Maton. The boat was for his music video called Make You Happy. Hey, you know what makes us happy? Other than beer? How about playing our handheld guitars and fishing in our own Bro-at!


4. The Sea Breacher: This Orca is actually a semi-submersible boat that can cruise at speeds up to 50-mph thanks to a 255-hp Rotax engine. It can dive five feet beneath the surface, and leap 16 feet into the air. It can even lighten your wallet by $65,000. C’mon Brojects Season 3!!!


5. The Black Pearl: The infamous ghost pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean, was captained by Jack Sparrow and sailed the seven seas. Though Kevin and Andrew may not have the star status of Johnny Depp, they’re no strangers to treasure hunts. In fact in this latest episode, the boys set off in their Bro-at in search of lost WAR BEER — cases of beer the Canadian Air Force apparently off-loaded into the local lakes as they returned from the World War II! Wow! Eighty-year-old beer! Looks like the stakes are set for the next Andrew/Kevin competition!



I really liked the one that looks like an orca. It isn't everyday that you see something like that. How much did it cost? Maybe, one day, when I have money, I will pay for a custom yacht like that. It must be a ton of fun to have.