5 Frosty Drinks For The Hot Tub


In Episode #8, brothers Kevin and Andrew get to work on designing and building the Amphibious Hot Tub. But what is a hot tub experience without good friends and a selection of frosty drinks? Here are our five recommended frosty … Continued

8 Cottage Must Haves


Once you have a cottage, you still have a way to go before it becomes the ultimate destination. Here are 8 cottage must haves. 1. Pizza Oven or BBQ. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but one of the best things … Continued

A Short History Of The Adirondack Chair


In Episode 2 of Brojects, the brothers come up with one of their wackiest inventions yet, a deck chair on water-skis. True to cottage tradition, the chair part of the project is modelled after the ubiquitous Adirondack Chair, also known as … Continued

6 Reasons Why Hammocks Are Good For Sleeping


Sleeping on a flat surface is the standard in western cultures. But the hammock is the preferred choice for snoozing in a number of countries worldwide including Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Mexico. And for good reason. Sleeping in a sling … Continued