Brojects Guide to Winning at Poker

In this week’s episode, brothers Kevin and Andrew, along with their engineer pal Walker, are going all-in and turning their quaint family retreat into The Cottage Casino. Fearing a gambling den would never pass the “Mom test”, the boys are … Continued

Ultimate Cottage DIY Workout


You might think cottage living is all about drinking beers on the dock, BBQ’ing steaks and roasting marshmallows by the fire. Well you’re right… but that’s no excuse not to find time for a quick DIY workout. In the latest Brojects episode, Andrew and … Continued

Top 5 Magical Tree Houses on the Planet

  Last year, brothers Andrew and Kevin together with their engineer pal Walker set out to build a playground at their cottage property for their kids. But what they came up with was unsafe, unattractive and ultimately, unused. Now it’s … Continued

The Greatest Bros In Bowling History

Season 2 of Brojects is back starting March 26th at 9 pm (ET/PT) on Cottage Life. In episode one, brothers Kevin and Andrew need to replace the dock at the family cottage with something that’s more sturdy and can extend further out … Continued

8 Tiny Cabins We Love


If you spend any time in cottage country, you’ll notice that vacation homes are getting bigger and bigger every year. Modern cabins are mansions, and way more than just a home away from home. But whether you’re a minimalist or … Continued

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cottage Trees


Aside from making things out of trees, we can make things from trees. In Brojects Episode #12, The Ultimate Breakfast Bar, Andrew and Kevin realize they could have been tapping the property’s maple trees for syrup ages ago. Don’t make … Continued