Best Cottage Movies To Watch With Your Ultimate Outdoor Theatre

This week Andrew and Kevin build the Ultimate Outdoor Theatre to watch movies outdoors while at the cottage. Once you’ve built your outdoor theatre, you’ll have to programme it with lots of great movies to watch. And what could be better than watching a movie about cottages at the cottage? Here are the best cottage movies about cottages to watch at the cottage.

1. The Great Outdoors. Two of best Canadian comedians Dan Akyrod and John Candy team up with director John Hughes for this comedy about a cottager and his uninvited guests. Akyrod and Candy are at the top of their game as they duke it out in the great outdoors. The scene with the bear still stands out as a highlight.


2. What About Bob? A psychiatrist (Richard Dreyfuss) goes to the cottage with his family, and his patient (Bill Murray) shows up. This comedy ranks among Bill Murray’s best, and is great family viewing.


3. Secret Window. If you’re looking for a thriller, Johnny Depp plays a writer who has secluded himself in his cottage to finish his latest novel in Secret Window. But he’s tormented by a stranger that insists Depp’s character stole his story. And it gets creepier from there.


4. Evil Dead 2. Evil Dead 2 is one of the quintessential B-movie horror films. It’s campy, it’s over the top, and there is gallons of fake blood. If you enjoy over-the-top horror, you’ll love this cabin-and-demons classic.


5. Cabin In The Woods. This would make a good double bill with Evil Dead 2, since it’s inspired by those campy, cottage horror movies. Directed by Joss Whedon who also did The Avengers, it’s funny, creepy, and clever as all get out. It pays homage to horror and slasher movie history while twisting into something really unexpected.


I've never seen half of these movies. I'll have to check a few of them out. I hear that "Cabin In The Woods" is good. Maybe I'll check that out. I'm not one for scary movies, but it should be fun.