Break Out The Beer Bottle Wine Glasses! It’s Oscars Time!


And the winner for best chair-ski-building, ice-golf-creating, snowball-slingshot-making duo in a reality series is… Oh wait, wrong awards ceremony. That’s the Emmys. It’s actually Oscars time, and though the boys may not be up for any golden statues (this year!) that’s no reason not to party, right?.

Now we all know The Oscars are all about class and elegance, so time to shelf the beer and break out the wine! Boooooo, you say? Ok, well you can at least drink it in style, with these beer bottle wine glasses.

Or wait, is pizza and margaritas classy?

Maybe it’s time to break out the ultimate pizza oven?

But who are we kidding? We all know it’s far too cold outside for that.

Hey Hollywood! Have you no compassion for us North Easterners, who just want to get outside and cook a pizza or smoke some meat? Can you not move the ceremony to the May 2-4 long weekend so we can also take full advantage of the Ultimate Outdoor Theatre? No? Tradition you say?

Ok, well at least hear us out on our idea for a blockbuster sequel. Get a load of this… Amphibious Hot Tub Time Machine 3?

For what its worth, our money for best picture is on Brohood, the groundbreaking story of two Nova Scotian brothers who (refuse to) grow up on screen right before our very eyes. It’s truly a seminal piece of storytelling and this generation’s masterpiece.

Enjoy the party.