Are You A Maker Or Fixer?

Andrew and Kevin are keen on building something out of nothing. But they often leave the fixing to someone else. And what about you? Are you a maker or a fixer? Here are 5 questions to tell you where your DIY heart is at.

1. Are you a daydreamer? When you’re a maker, the sky’s the limit. For someone like Andrew, it’s hard to get the ideas to stop. He’s definitely a maker.


2. Do you like when the project is already part way done? Fixing is having a head start. Being a fixer means the project has already been started and you already have something to work with. You can put your own spin on it, patch it up, or soup it up. If it already exists, you can make it better.


3. How’s your temper? Being a maker means having a lot of patience. If something doesn’t work, you need to try and try again. So long as you don’t blow a gasket.


4. Don’t throw it away! Hate getting rid of stuff? Bring it back to life! Whether it’s a broken stool or an old radio, it’s nice to save something from the junk pile. Giving new life to something that’s seen better days is one of the most rewarding part of fixing.


5. Do you like being on the cutting edge? Makers are always looking for new ways to do things, and how to combine parts from old projects and turn them into something new. Makers are ideas people. They have lots of imagination and can switch, exchange, or combine existing ideas.