Top 5 Magical Tree Houses on the Planet



Last year, brothers Andrew and Kevin together with their engineer pal Walker set out to build a playground at their cottage property for their kids. But what they came up with was unsafe, unattractive and ultimately, unused. Now it’s time for the bros to redeem themselves by tackling the quintessential kids project: a tree fort.

But why should the kids have all the fun? Grown-ups love tree houses too!

Here are our top five picks for the most ‘magical tree houses’ on the planet:

5. FREE SPIRIT SPHERES: Set among the tall trees of the West Coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, these handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope and are available for rent all year around. It’s the ultimate magical tree fort for grown-ups and an amazing way to experience the coastal rain forest in your own private, gently swaying ball of peace and tranquility!


4. THE MIRROR HOUSE: Practically invisible, this tree house is part of the Treehotel project in Sweden. As cool as it looks though, we’re afraid this particular tree house might be a little too invisible for the birds! Nothing like a loud THUMP against your window to wake you from a deep, relaxing nap.


3. ECO-FRIENDLY FINCA BELLAVISTA TREEHOUSE:  This tree house is a part of a self-sustainable and eco-friendly tree house community in Costa Rica. The whole property now takes up more than 600 acres, and is connected by suspension bridges.


2. UFO TREEHOUSE:  We know what you’re thinking. This must be an IKEA product! Nope, but there is something about Swedish ingenuity when it comes to design. This UFO treehouse is part of the Treehotel project and is just one of a number of super cool tree ‘forts’ you can stay in on your next vacation to Europe. Add the smoke on the bottom and its actually downright freaky!


1. THREE STORY TREEHOUSE (BC): Alright Kevin and Andrew, clearly you’re slacking off! After seeing this magnificently built treehouse, it’s obvious you need to apply yourselves a little bit more. I mean why have a two-story tree house, when you can have three? Built near Revelstoke, British Columbia, this tree house takes our top prize — classically simple and everything you’d imagine an enchanting tree house to be… plus it’s in our own backyard!