BB Gun Targets

Realizing that placing apples on top of their heads a la William Tell might not be the smartest of ideas, Andrew and Kevin take the advice of Brojects super fan Bare Grills BBQ and set out to design and build … Continued

DIY Beach Luau Party

For brothers Andrew and Kevin, summers by the lake lack only one thing: a beach. In Episode 5, they set out to rectify that situation in their quest to host the Ultimate Beach Party.  Sand, a tiki bar, open fire … Continued

Shipping Container Homes We Love

Necessity is the brother of all invention and there’s nothing that Andrew and Kevin need more than a workshop up at the cottage. But with an order from the parents to keep it discreet and unobtrusive, the boys have some … Continued

It’s Not Jenga. It’s Giant Timber!

“BRO’s MAKE MORE GAMEZ! PUHLLEEEEZZE!” This was the desperate late night plea from YouTube user VENOSAUR after watching The Hockey Crokinole webisode from Season 1. Well VENOSAUR, if that is your real name… the boys heard you loud and clear … Continued